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HRRR forecast for Lat:42.8643 Long:-74.7214
Time Zone: EDT (UTC -4 hrs)
All units are metric. See Data Dictionary below table.

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Data Dictionary:
  • TMP: Temperature, 2 meters above ground, units = Celsius.
  • DPT: Dew Point, 2 meters above ground, units = Celsius.
  • RH: Relative Humidity, 2 meters above ground, units = Percent.
  • WS: Wind Speed, 10 meters above ground, units = km/h.
  • WD: Wind Direction, 10 meters above ground, units = degrees true.
  • WG: Wind Gusts, 10 meters above ground, units = km/h.
  • APCP: Accumulated Precipitation, surface, units = millimeters.
  • SLP: Sea Level Pressure, units = millibars.
  • PTYPE: Precipitation Type (RA = rain, SN = snow, PL = ice pellets, FZRA = freezing rain).
  • RQP: Accumulated rain, surface, units = millimeters.
  • SQP: Accumulated snow water equivalent, surface, units = millimeters (NOTE: Also equals approximate snowfall in centimeters. ie. 1mm of snow water equivalent = 1cm of fresh snow, on average for a fresh snowfall).
  • FQP: Accumulated freezing rain, surface, units = millimeters.
  • IQP: Accumulated ice pellets, surface, units = millimeters.
  • WS925: Wind Speed, at 925mb (approx 2500ft ASL), units = km/h.
  • WD925: Wind Direction, at 925mb, units = degrees true.
  • TMP850: Temperature, 850 mb, units = Celsius.
  • WS850: Wind Speed, at 850mb (approx 5000ft ASL), units = km/h.
  • WD850: Wind Direction, at 850mb, units = degrees true.
  • 4LFTX: Best 4-Layer Lifted Index, between 0 to 180mb above ground, units = Celsius.

Terms of Use

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