What is SpotWx?

So what's this site all about? It's designed as a spot weather forecasting tool. There's no shortage of sites out there, both government and private, which display weather maps from various models. However getting the actual numbers required for a spot forecast remains a difficult task without specialized desktop software. SpotWx was created to fill that void.

Since SpotWx was developed other web sites have also started offering similar forecast graphs, however the data source is often not transparent, or they offer a limited selection of weather models, and/or only offer the basic surface weather elements.

There are so many forecast products out there that most people never get to see, hidden behind a veil of complexity and strange binary encoding. SpotWx is about lifting the veil. The forecasts actually aren't that bad (in fact they're often amazingly accurate), it's just that most people are only exposed to a 'condensed version' which is never as exciting as the real thing.


Why SpotWx?

Spot = a point or specific location.
Wx = short for weather.

SpotWx.com = a website for spot weather forecasting (and more).

Why was this site developed? As the saying goes "Necessity is the mother of invention". I needed better products to assist me in my job, and found nothing suitable at a reasonable price. So SpotWx was born, developed on my own time at home.

Who is SpotWx?

SpotWx is one guy with a young family and a day job, doing this for "fun" (nerd fun, yes).

What's my background as it relates to SpotWx? I've worked for Manitoba's Wildfire Program since 2002 as a Fire Weather Briefer/Forecaster and Geographic Information Systems Specialist (and IT dude, web dude, and weather station field technician), held some other GIS/Remote Sensing contract jobs with government and academia, studied some meteorology while doing a Geography degree, and once worked at an airport weather station as a Surface and Upper Air Weather Observer. I also have two post-graduate Advanced Diplomas in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing, and an expired Commercial Pilot's Licence collecting dust next to the computer.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me:

Where is SpotWx?

SpotWx spent many years living in my basement on a home-built server, but has since been relocated to live among others of its kind at a professional data centre in Quebec, Canada.

When is SpotWx?

When was the site established? It started around 2008 as a proof of concept, but hasn't really been operational until 2010 perhaps.

How is SpotWx?

Just fine, thank you.